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25 provinces connect to fiber optic network

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology says that it has connected 25 provinces of Afghanistan to the fiber-optic network.

Officials at the Ministry said Wednesday that the fiber-optic network can connect all people of Afghanistan via the Internet, adding that the ministry has begun efforts to expand the network.

Ahmad Samad Hamed Poya, a spokesman for the MCIT said that 25 provinces are now connected to the fiber-optic network, and now the ministry is seeking foreign investment.

Meanwhile, several other networks including the Afghan Wireless Telecommunication Company have invested in this sector, including Afghan Wireless Telecommunication Company, but so far no foreign investment has been made in this sector.

Some experts claim there are still some challenges in the leadership of the Ministry of Communications that must be addressed.

According to them, if the ministry succeeds to resolve the issue, millions of capital be attracted in this sector.

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